Tangled Frizzy Weave HELP

(This is an older Repost)

I purchased some hair in the Virgin Indian Hair in the Concord Mills parking lot.  The young lady that does my sew-ins met a lady that owned a hair site.  Instead of paying for shipping I decided to meet her in the parking lot.  That should have been clue #1.  The hair came packaged nicely.  It smelled great and looked beautiful.  No need for concern…. Until 4 days later.  Here is the picture.

Sweet Baby Jesus, I needed help.  I went to a beautician and she suggested Aveda Smooth Infusion.  She said if that didn’t work just take it out.  Heck no, the hair was expensive and when it acted right it was beautiful.  

So I hopped up and went to South Park Mall.  The lovely ladies at Aveda provided me with samples because that stuff is expensive.  I had such high hopes but it failed.  My hair was fresh to death until I got to work.  Another Pic

I searched the internet looking for advice.  Every beauty blog, beauty site, weave roll call, and YouTube.   Finally I found something.  Watch my video below.  My fingers are tired.
YouTube Preview Image


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